Oro Swimming Hour are the duo of Bristol psych-pop hero, Oliver Wilde and award-winning illustrator, Nicholas Stevenson.
The pair have been making music together in various incarnations for a long time but Oro Swimming Hour was eventually birthed in 2017 when they decided to make music together as friends, without putting any expectation on themselves; indulging the curiosity of pure musical discovery, just as their younger selves would have enjoyed.
Sighting influences from those who use primitive recording techniques to capture the moment, such as, Daniel Johnston, Guided by Voices and R. Stevie Moore alike - the pair embody this by using cassette recorders and allowing only a few takes to record each sound you hear.


LP - Penrose Winoa (Art is Hard, 2017)

LP - Lossy (Deertone, 2019)

LP - Pteradactyl (Gold Day, 2022)