Bristol based, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bonsi returns with her hypnagogic new single ‘Four Faces’, out now on Gold Day Recordings. 

Bubbling with a natural warmth and an almost psychedelic energy, ‘Four Faces’ finds Bonsi exploring a Jungian dream world built upon woozy synths, skittering percussion and layered with her stunning vocals and surreal lyrics. 

“’Four Faces’ was inspired by the disjointed narratives of dreams, and how they translate life back to you in abstract ways” she explains. “This track was sonically inspired by the mixture of rural and urban spaces - running water, rocks, found sound, spontaneity and space. Blunt industrial sounds, distortion and pace.”


EP - Sustain (Gold Day, 2020)

SINGLE - Mouth of Shame (Gold Day, 2021)

SINGLE - Four Faces (Gold Day, 2023)